Brought the car out for DWYB on Wednesday, Paula had a go in the morning, Lee was on hand to show her the ropes and give her some instruction. She gets a bit car sick which wasn’t helping with the spinning around part of donuts! However, with the aid of a ‘Stugeron’ travel sickness tablet she struggled through. By lunch she was almost there, getting angle and smoke but needing to work on balancing the throttle to maintain the drift. I look forward to her next outing.

In the afternoon Neil rocked up to get sidways. Current ride is an R34 4 door, previously an Mk2 MR2, before that an S2000. I was expecting a lot from him and wasn’t ‘totally’ disapointed! He didn’t pick it up as quickly as I’d hoped but according to Lee and himself he managed 4 laps of a cone without spinning so that’s an achievement.



Recently blew up the BPR32 so decided to break it for parts. Decided to get something cheap and cheerful that will allow me to get sideways for less dollar.

Found a nice little MX5 Mk2 1.8s on Autotrader, up for just £995 with no tax but some MOT. Fitted with a hardtop (now on ebay), chrome petrol filler cap (soon going on ebay), wire mesh grille (soon going on ebay) and Alpine CD/Mpeg/ipod head unit. the car has 125,000 miles on it and had the cambelt changed and service done just 2000 miles ago. It’s even got four decent tyres on it.

The car was located in Chatham so decided to get a ride from my good friend Dusty who runs a recovery business called Lohrspeed Recovery. He lives 5 minutes from Pod so is a great person to call when you’re in need. He’s picked up more than his share of stricken drifters and drag racers.

I knocked the guy down to £900 which made the car a real bargain.  A few hours later we were home with the little blue MX5 loaded on the back.

Mazda Mk2 1.8s is fitted with an LSD (that works) and has a rather stylish leather Nardi Steering wheel as standard.

Here is the car on the back of Dusty’s recovery vehicle, plus a few action shots from its first outing at DWYB.

I decided that as I am storing it inside I would sell the hard top on ebay. Got a little bit of time before the auction ends but I’m hoping for £300+.

I invited my good friend Ronnie along to teach him a bit of drifting at DWYB. Lee was on standby to help teach him whilst I was out taking pics. By the end of the afternoon Ronnie was nearly there but a bit more work is needed to get him up to speed. Should get his missus Helene in the car next time, if she learns quicker than him there’ll be hell to pay! Lol…

I am really looking forward to the challenge of mastering a lightweight non turbo ‘sports’ car after being spoilt with the BPR32.

Further mods to come:

  • Suede steering wheel (waiting for boss to come from ebay).
  • Steering rack spacers – one 3mm each side.
  • Removal of chrome filler cap to sell it on ebay – should go for £60-£80.
  • Removal of wire mesh grille to sell on ebay for £????
  • Lowering springs or cheap second hand coilovers?
  • Electric cooling fan behind the radiator if it fits?

I am trying to keep the overall cost below £999. There is an event at Pod each year called the Practical Performance Car magazine £999 challenge. It’s a handling & strip combined competition which gets featured in the magazine. A chance to be famous for 5 minutes!



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