I was invited by Andy Arnott along to Birmingham Wheels to see if I was interested in doing the photos for his Slide School Drift Academy (SSDA) days. I have known Andy for a number of years, he was a regular customer of mine at DWYB and continues to support us when his school is at Santa Pod DWYB days by encouraging his customers to view our photos. Andy now competes in BDC and started the Drift Academy to help introduce people to the art of going sideways.

Andy was running two experiences, an AM and a PM taster session. Drivers had a general talk about what was involved plus a complete safety briefing. The basic format of the day was to spend some time in a ‘school car’ learning donuts and figure eights, then moving on to S Bend drifts and finally some passenger laps in the ‘Competition’ cars. These are the cars that he and his team mate Jamie Kenyon actually compete in at the British Drift Championship rounds. Andy puts on tea, coffee and light snacks in the briefing room.

I was impressed by how quickly the drivers picked up the techniques. Andy certainly doesn’t mind the customers thrashing the cars and the broad grins as the got out of the cars says it all. The passengers laps were incredible with Andy and Jamie treating it just like a BDC final where they have to get as close to each other as possible. I don’t know another UK drift experience where the passengers get such a wild side-by-side ride in fully ‘specced up’ competition cars?

I will be having another trial with SSDA at Bovingdon Airfield on Sunday.

Check out Slide School Drift Academy for more details.

Ian. :)


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